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Where To Buy Cheap Tires

where to buy cheap tires

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4 of 7 :: Applying myself.

4 of 7 :: Applying myself.

So tonight I'm filling out a job application.

I just want to say hi to everyone, and also issue a huge apology for this round of 7 Days.
The timing of this round has fallen squarely in the middle of 4 weeks of clinical placement. I have been looking through the group pool, enjoying everyones photos, and commenting where possible.

But due to time constraints I haven't been able to comment nearly as much as I would like. For now I seem to be picking random sections of the pool and commenting until guilt tells me I need to return to an assignment, or I need to get sleep so I can wake up and go be nice to my patients again.

I know this group is filled with wonderful people who always understand when life gets in the way.

Thank you everyone for you comments on my photos, and I promise to try my hardest to comment on yours too, but if I miss you, please don't think I'm a snob, I'm just crazy tired, and perhaps a little stressed.

The life of a student nurse. It's certainly not glamorous. :)

IMG 5823

IMG 5823


That's how many studs I had to pull out of my old winter tires so I could use them in the summer and save $500 on summer tires (I live in a place where there are real seasons and "all season" tires are a joke). Yes, I'm cheap, but I rationalized the painful hours and blisters on my hand by thinking about what kind of photo gear I could get now that I don't need to buy new tires :)

Strobist info:

SB-24 @ 1/4 with straw grid camera left, SB-24 @ 1/8 with straw grind at camera right, SB-24 @ 1/2 low and behind subject for rim light. Rim light is subtle but adds an extra dimension. However, it resulted in a lot of dust removal in PS. A lot.

where to buy cheap tires

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