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Nitto tire game - Cheap sport atv tires.

Nitto Tire Game

nitto tire game

  • Leading Japanese manufacturer of handlebars and stems, most notably the Technomic stem.

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Nitto Pearl

Nitto Pearl

Due to the Salsa safety recall I had to replace my road and mountain bike stems. So I had a Thomson for the Van Nicholas and a Nitto Pearl for the Eddy Merckx. The salsas match better with my bikes, but both the Thomson and the NItto are great pieces of kit, beautifully machined.

Nitto, Tektro, TerraCycle

Nitto, Tektro, TerraCycle

Nitto Model 185 handlebars (400mm); Nitto Technomic long stem; Tektro brake levers; TerraCycle custom mount for headlight. (Note: the handlebar came off the SUB, which now has a different drop bar.)

nitto tire game

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